2016 - Bluesfest - She's The One Winner



Raina Douris (Mornings) spoke highly of Emma on several occasions during Mornings, commenting on her voice, the fact that she was only 17 and had won She's The One.  Raina remarked that Emma's a young artist to watch on the Canadian scene and she could see Emma working with other known Canadian artists, like k.d. lang in the future. 

Tom Allen (Shift) played 'I Don't Sleep' very often during Shift. 

Rich Terfry (Drive) played 'I Don't Sleep' frequently during Drive. 

Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe (CBC Music Top 20).  Emma made CBC Music Top 20 four weeks in a row in September 2017: 7 Sept (No 18), 14 Sept (No 17), 21 Sept (No 16)  and 28 Sept (No 17).

Excerpt from 7 Sept: "If you love adventuring into new tunes, then this week’s chart is for you because this is yet another debut this week. And it’s not only a debut to the chart, but it’s a debut for this musician. She’s only 17-years-old and hails from Ottawa. Check out Emma Lamontagne with “I Don’t Sleep”, in at #18." 


Tom Power (Q) played 'I Don't Sleep' during Q on 11 Aug 17. 


Title: Emma Lamontagne Interview!   

Host: Matt Huntus



Title: Chatting With Ottawa's Own Pop Star

Author: Janelle Rowsell

Excerpt: With a prominent contest win, recording in Toronto with some impressive people, and over 150 thousand listens on Spotify under her belt, seventeen year old Emma Lamontagne from Kanata is taking the music world by storm.


Title: PREMIERE – Emma Lamontagne releases new single, “I Don’t Sleep” 

Author: Jenna Melanson 

Excerpt: 17 year old Ottawa, ON based singer-songwriter, Emma Lamontagne may be somewhat new to the scene, but she’s definitely a name you want to remember. Today, we are happy to premiere her debut track, “I Don’t Sleep” which is a song that showcases her vocals, and quickly had itself burrowed in my head. Emma will be performing at Ottawa Bluesfest on July 12 at the Bluesville Stage at 8:45pm and I highly recommend you check out this talented up & comer. 


Title: I Don’t Sleep - Emma LaMontagne (sic) - I Don’t Sleep 

Author: CamScott 

Excerpt: Came across this last week, threw it in my playlist without much thought. Good, but nothing stuck out much. The more I listen though the more I’m hooked. It’s got these great heavy drums in the chorus with a simple catchy chorus. Her low, almost smoky voice is great. As of right now this is Emma’s only song on Spotify. I’m looking forward to hearing more from her in the future. 


Headline: Kanata singer 'the One' after winning female artist competition 

Author: Jessica Cunha 

Excerpt: Lamontagne wowed the Bluesfest judges with a mixture of her vocal performance and stage presence. Technical difficulties with the piano caused her to improvise and talk with the audience until the problem was fixed. "I was talking about school - I had an essay due and the teacher wouldn't give me an extension even though I was performing at Bluesfest," she said. "I just kept talking and talking."