//  Origin:  Ottawa 

//  Genres:   Pop / Adult Contemporary ​ 

//  Years Active:  2015- Present 

​//  Label:  Independent 

//  Website:  emmalamontagnemusic.com



"Having worked with numerous young artist over the last 15 years or so, I feel that Emma is one of the top talents to walk through my studio doors" - Alan Frew

"[She] has a great work ethic, ambition and drive, and is eager to learn. Emma’s mindset towards collaboration is perfect for the music industry. She is full of ideas, and yet open to suggestion." - Rob Wells

[To Emma] "Wow. That’s a strong song, great voice, love the passion I can hear in your voice. As nervous as you’re being emotional. Awesome, thank you very much. I have no comment except for wow." - Linda Perry


Award winning singer-songwriter, pianist and guitarist Emma Lamontagne started music as a child with piano lessons, learning RCM classical repertoire and theory that laid the foundation for pursuits in more contemporary genres. 

At the age of 16, Emma Lamontagne won the She’s the One competition at the 2016 RBC Ottawa Bluesfest. This lead to working with Cadence Music Group for a year when she released her debut single “I Don’t Sleep.” To date, the single has surpassed 400,000 streams on Spotify. It peaked at number 16 on the CBC Radio 2 Top 20 chart, and reached number 1 on CKDJ 107.9’s first Top 10 of 2018. 

Emma then went on to perform at RBC Bluesfest, Grassroots Festival, and local performances with great success. 

“Emma always seems so natural and easy-going in front of people that any audience will warm to her …she really has talent and I predict she’ll go far.” 

Bob Nesbitt, Producer, Ottawa Grassroots Festival 

Emma was  announced as a finalist of the "UK Songwriting Contest 2018" in the Adult Contemporary division with her original song "All for One."  

Since July 2018, Emma has been in the studio with Rob Wells again, co-writing, and co-producing new tracks for her debut album. Her collaborations include Alan Frew (Glass Tiger), Robyn Dell’Unto (Fontana North), Myles Castello (Warner Music Group), Ezra Jordan, and others. 

On 26 June 2019, Emma released "Love Games," the first single off her debut album, "Uncomfortable Eye Contact" (to be released October 2019).


Title: Watch: Emma Lamontagne – Love Games 

Author: Kevin Humphreys  

Excerpt: Emma Lamontagne is definitely one to watch going forward. 


Title: Emma Lamontagne releases a music video for her “Love Games” single 

Author: Zangba Thomson 

Excerpt: ‘Love Games’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and lush instrumentation scented with a commercial pop aroma. 


Title: PREMIERE – Emma Lamontagne releases new single, “I Don’t Sleep”  

Author: Jenna Melanson  

Excerpt: I highly recommend you check out this talented up & comer.  


Title: I Don’t Sleep - Emma LaMontagne (sic) - I Don’t Sleep  

Author: CamScott  

Excerpt: The more I listen though the more I’m hooked. Her low, almost smoky voice is great. I’m looking forward to hearing more from her in the future.  


Title: NEW MUSIC DISCOVERY - 28.06.19 

Author: Chris Bound 

Excerpt: Canadian frontwoman brings the same euphoric electro-pop sound as Sigrid to her latest cut 


Title: Emma Lamontagne – Love games 

Author: Johan Alexed 

Excerpt: [translated] an instant pop song with strong melody and production. In other words, another hit for the singer. 



Author: Randy Radic 

Excerpt: Lamontagne’s voice exudes lingering sumptuous sensuality [...] “Love Games” delivers delicious streaming pop flavors, burnished glossy colors, a magnetic rhythm, and the lush enticing tones of Emma Lamontagne. 


Title: PREMIERE: Emma Lamontagne ditches the rules on “Love Games” 

Author: Gabriel Aikins 

Excerpt: [Love Games is] refreshingly honest and earnest, expressing the dating anxiety many get in a way that can empower them to stop thinking and act when they listen. [...] It’s the perfect visualization of how these apps and rules can make people feel trapped.


Special thank you's to FACTOR and Ontario Arts Council for financially supporting Emma's upcoming album for release in Fall 2019:

Juried Sound Recording Grant (FACTOR)

Music Recording Project (OAC)

Also special thanks to OMIC for supporting travel for Emma and her team to Toronto during Canadian Music Week:

REP 613